Teaching for Transformation

Teaching for Transformation

Teaching for Transformation challenges teachers to intentionally create learning experiences that connect classroom instruction to the community beyond the school’s walls, while helping students find their place in God’s story. This process begins with teachers sharing their deepest hope for their students. Miss Mikaela Deur, GHC graduate and current Kindergarten teacher, writes, “It is my deep hope that you would be surrounded by unconditional love as you grow, learn, play, explore, and create to discover your role in God’s story.” Recently, K-2nd students engaged in various activities encouraging them to be curious and explore God’s creation. Their discoveries of finding joy in creation led them to praise and glorify God in a new way, all the while exploring a part of Miss Deur’s deepest hope for them as students. 

Mrs. Athena Findlay also shared her deep hope with her middle school students: “Unearthing their purpose.” She then asked them what this means to them. Here are a few responses: 

  • To grow in our faith in Jesus and care about what God thinks and not what other people think. We have to find our purpose and identity in God. We should find our values and share them.
  • Discover your purpose, don’t let other people define who you are. God has a purpose for you. God sees you as a perfect being, just the way you are. God loves you, and you are special in His eyes. God’s values are different from society’s, we should not let people tell us who to be.
  • To unearth your purpose and to find your role in God’s story.
  • To uncover our purpose and our identity as an empowered child of God, so we can show God’s love to others. 

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