Remote Learning Plan for Y5-5th Grade

Remote Learning Plan for Y5-5th Grade

GHC Remote Learning Plan (Y5-5th Grade) 

Learning Management System: Our classes will continue to use Seesaw in the lower elementary grades and Google Classroom in the upper elementary. 

Learning Time: 

  • We will continue to provide approximately 1-4 hours of content per day, depending on grade level, that your student is at school during the week. These learning experiences will be connected to state standards and foundational learning to ensure preparedness for the next grade level.
  • Each day, you can expect content in language arts and math, with the other classes (Bible, science, social studies) sprinkled in throughout the week. 
  • All specialist classes (music, art, PE, technology, and Spanish) will be optional moving forward. These teachers will provide learning activities at the beginning of the week that can be supplemented throughout the week at your discretion. 
  • Learning time on a particular day can fluctuate from one day to the next. We recognize that all students work at a different pace, so the amount of time spent doing school work can vary from one student to another. Please communicate and work with your homeroom teacher if the workload needs to be accommodated. 

Weekly “At-A-Glance” Newsletters: Each Sunday evening, you will receive an update from your student’s teacher that provides an outline for the week ahead. It will also include upcoming Zoom meetings (including the date, time, and meeting information), and any other pertinent information. It is our hope that this will help you in planning your student’s day/week while also making it clear what needs to be accomplished.  All content for the upcoming day will be uploaded the night prior. 

Zoom Meetings: Over the remainder of the school year we will continue to offer opportunities for “live” teaching through Zoom meetings. The experience and value of interacting with teachers and fellow classmates in real-time cannot be replicated in a prerecorded video. Therefore, we are committed to Zoom experiences where teachers are able to instruct, assess, and provide feedback in the moment. These meetings may occur in smaller groups or as a whole class. We understand that timing can be difficult for parents and will do our very best to accommodate your schedules. 

Assessment/Report Cards: We will be intentional about providing specific feedback in regards to student work on individual assignments over the next two months. We are committed to providing feedback in real time through Zoom meetings and will also assess student work on specific assignments, providing reteaching and instruction as needed. Report cards will look different at the end of the school year, especially for our lower elementary students, as many of our skill sets are assessed in the classroom. Your student will receive a report card at the end of the school year, it may just look a bit different. 

School Calendar: 

  • We will be taking off Friday, April 24 as planned. This will be an inservice day for the GHC teachers. We will meet online as a school staff and also with the other grade and content level teachers in the Collaborative to discuss and share our remote teaching experiences. 
  • Our final day of school for the 2019-2020 school year will be Friday, May 29. All of the elementary schools in the Collaborative will be finishing on this day as well. 
  • We hope to coordinate days in early June where GHC materials (chromebooks, ipads, textbooks, etc.) can be dropped off while lockers and desks are cleaned out. The exact dates and time will be made available in the coming weeks.