Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate minds and shape hearts for service to God in His world.

What we believe

Grand Haven Christian School was founded upon, and continues to operate from, the Reformed perspective of the historic Christian faith, emphasizing God’s providential care of His people and sovereign control of His creation. Key beliefs as listed in our strategic plan are as follows:

  1. God is our Creator, Redeemer, and Lord; sovereign over all things.
  2. The Bible is the infallible, authoritative word of God.
  3. God entrusts these students to us. We are called to teach them to know and love God and to guide them to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  4. Education that develops a Christian world and life view is essential in helping our children know God and serve others in every aspect of life.

These beliefs provide the guiding values for our school:

  1. GHC will provide a nurturing Christian environment for all students.
  2. GHC will utilize best theory, knowledge, and practice in education in designing a God-centered curriculum that integrates faith and learning.
  3. GHC will hire staff members who are committed Christians and who understand and articulate their faith from a Reformed Christian perspective. Philosophically, the school is seen as one leg of the tripod of home, school, and church that help support our children to grow and mature in their faith.