GHC is an inclusive education environment, supporting the belief that every student is able to learn from and contribute to the community. Each child at GHC was uniquely designed by God with different talents and gifts and each child learns in their own way. Educational Support Services (ESS) is a program designed to provide a wide variety of learners, including those with mild to moderate special needs, with a more personalized instructional design implemented in both the general educational classrooms and pull-out settings.

ESS teachers work alongside classroom teachers to create and implement interventions to support students’ learning gaps as well as small group and individual instruction to address specific needs.

GHC Educational Support Services offers:

  • Small group instruction
  • Individual instruction
  • Goal setting
  • Accommodation Plans for students with a diagnosed disability
  • Educational Support Plans for students with a diagnosed disability and more significant needs
  • Monthly review of student needs through the meeting of student success teams
  • Referrals for educational evaluations through either Grand Haven Area Public Schools (GHAPS) or All Belong.
  • Speech, Occupational Therapy, and Social Work services provided through GHAPS