Welcome! We are excited about your interest in Grand Haven Christian School for your family. 

Choosing a school is a huge decision, one with many deciding factors and a decision you don’t want to make lightly. We are here to help you with the process of exploring what GHC has to offer your child. Please take the time to fill out an inquiry form or contact Kristin Clausing, Director of Recruitment & Retention, at [email protected].

Each child is a unique a wonderful creation of God, ready and eager to grow in knowledge. What do you want that knowledge to be based on? A Christian education is based on God’s word, rooted in the teachings of Jesus and focused on how we are called to be God’s hands and feet in His world. Christian schools are part of a “three legged stool” forming a partnership between church, home, and school where common values and beliefs are reinforced and supported. Having the confidence that your family values are being taught at school and the Word in infused in all we teach, an investment in Christian education is the most secure investment you can make for your child’s future. 

When you think about the time your child spends in school, you realize that school becomes one of the biggest influences in your child’s life. Your child’s mind and heart are marinating in their surroundings all day long. Having that marinade consist of loving teachers who pray for your child and openly share God’s love, a curriculum filled with faith integration, values that are consistent with what you value at home, and a high level of academic excellence within a well rounded education helps to solidify a firm faith foundation that will set the course of your child’s life in a priceless manner!