The legacy of Christian education is beyond academics. It’s an endowment that parents give to their children; one that will affect your great-grandchildren and generations to come. It’s an investment in their future. Do you, or does a family you know, sincerely desire to provide a Christian education for your children and have a genuine financial need? Grand Haven Christian School offers a tuition assistance program to provide tuition adjustments for families who qualify.

The goal of this program is to provide assistance to moderate and low-income families in an objective, equitable, and consistent manner in the context of fiscal responsibility to the school budget as a whole. The program is overseen by the Finance Committee of the board who is responsible and accountable for all decisions regarding adjustments to required tuition amounts.

Although aid amounts are limited, historically, tuition adjustments result in a final tuition amount equal to 12-17% of an applicant family’s gross income. Since this program is based on a gross income, regardless of the number of children, it can greatly reduce the tuition for each additional child enrolled. Approximately 55% of all students at GHC receive some financial assistance through this program.

Tuition Estimator

GHC contracts with FACTS, an independent, third-party organization to verify income and other financial information. This form should be filled out in January to allow time for the committee to determine aid amounts prior to the start of the new school year. However, new families or families whose financial situation has unexpectedly changed may apply at any time.

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