Student tuition rates for the 2023-2024 school year are as follows:


ProgramTuitionMonthly Payment
(9 months)
3’s Tuesday/Thursday Morning Preschool$1,377$153
4’s Monday/Wednesday/Friday Morning Preschool $1,854$206
4’s Monday/Wednesday/Friday Afternoon Spanish Immersion Preschool$1,854$206
4’s Monday/Wednesday/Friday All-day English/Spanish Preschool*$4,428$492
Monday/Wednesday/Friday All-day Preschool*$4,428$492
Tuesday/Thursday All-day Preschool*$2,952$328
Monday – Friday All-day Preschool*$7,380$820

*before (7:00-7:45) and after (2:30-5:30) school care included as part of all-day preschool. Tuition payments spread out over 12 months is available for all-day preschool upon request.

Y5-8th Grade

(12 months)
Young 5’s (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)$5,208$600$4,428$369.00
Young 5’s (Monday-Friday)$8,380$1,000$7,380$615.00
Kindergarten (3 days/Week)$5,208$600$4,428$369.00
Kindergarten (Progressive)$6,704$800$5,904$492.00
Kindergarten (Full Time)$8,380$1,000$7,380$615.00
Elementary (1st – 5th grade)$8,380$1,000$7,380$615.00
Middle School (6th – 8th grade)$8,530$1,000$7,530$627.50

The tuition rates above have already been reduced from the actual cost of education (the school budget divided by the number of students). This is made possible by the application of grants that are available to all families regardless of their financial situation. One grant comes from a portion of the investment earnings from the school’s endowment fund; the second from the annual fundraising efforts of the GRACE board, the fundraising committee of the school board. Currently, available grant assistance totals $1,000 per full time student.

Although no families are required to pay the actual full cost of education, at enrollment all families will be asked if they would be willing to waive their grant(s) to lessen the burden of the fundraising efforts and make more aid available to those who need it.

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