Variable Tuition June 18, 2020 - Has the cost of Christian education kept you from exploring it for your child? At Grand Haven Christian School we are committed to making this legacy a possibility for every family. That’s right, every family. One of the foundational missions of GHC is to provide private Christian education that is accessible to families with varying income levels. Families just like yours! We offer “variable-rate… more »
“The Boardwalk” April 6, 2020 - GHC-Boardwalk-Spring-2020Download more »
Staff Spotlight: Wailand “King G” Groenendyk February 19, 2020 - My story has been unfolding in marvelous ways that I could not even have begun to imagine. God has taught me the patience needed to be a teacher, given me... more »
Teaching for Transformation December 15, 2019 - Teaching for Transformation challenges teachers to intentionally create learning experiences that connect classroom instruction to the community beyond the school’s walls... more »
Hispanic Heritage Festival December 7, 2019 - On Saturday, September 28th, eighteen 1st-3rd graders in the Spanish Immersion Program... more »
Walk by Faith October 12, 2019 - Raindrops and puddles didn’t keep the GHC students from walking with joy... more »
Middle School Camp September 11, 2019 - Playing, learning, and bonding; growing spiritually, growing as friends and growing as leaders—these are just a few of the exciting things that happen in September each year during... more »