GHC has its own endowment fund managed by an independent board of directors in a separate 501c3 organization. It is dedicated to the betterment of Grand Haven Christian School in perpetuity, and gives a portion of its earnings to the school each year for the purpose of lowering tuition. Contact the Endowment Coordinator, Dave VerMerris, at [email protected] for more information or to meet to discuss planned giving to leave a lasting legacy for the support of Christian education.

Named Gifts

Our Endowment Fund helps reduce the tuition cost for all students. In the last 10 years, nearly one million dollars has been given to the school to help offset the cost of education. Building this fund requires memorials, regular giving through year-end gifts, and estate gifts. We have now created a way to personalize gifts of over $5000. “Named Gifts”, which can be given in memory of, in honor of, or with your family name indicating your support, will be recognized in our publications and on a new donor display by the main entrance. These named gifts can be given to either the GHC Endowment Fund or our Grand Haven Area Community Foundation Tuition Assistance Fund. Our goal is to add one hundred named gifts in the coming year to increase our endowment funds by over half a million dollars. 

70 ½

When you are young, 70 ½ years old seems like a long way off. It’s also sort of an amusing age to have any importance. Those of us over 70 ½ know that if we don’t withdraw funds out of an IRA, the government will take approximately half of the money that should have been withdrawn. Also, if we do decide to take it out, the government still collects it’s share in taxes. If you want to take that money out and not pay any taxes on it, you have the option to donate it to GHC. Your financial advisor has the forms necessary to make that transfer.

Estate Giving

GHC partners with the Barnabas Foundation to offer our supporters Planned Giving and Estate Planning services at no cost. Their professional staff provides confidential consultation and planned giving expertise.